About the Webinar

Applying Behavioral Science to Sustainability.

This 2 hour webinar will share four expert perspectives on how behavioral science can help encourage consumers to make more sustainable choices. 


Please contact chiara.gericke@bvanudgeunit.com with any questions.



Sarah Lewis
Senior Director of Innovation - The Sustainability Consortium 

"Making the Case for Sustainability within Your Organization"

Dr. Sarah E. Lewis is passionate about working through challenges at the interface of humans and the environment. A leader in the field of sustainability, Sarah is a certified Sustainability Associate (ISSP-SA), an author on topics related to ecological integrity, water resources, and improving supply chain sustainability. Through her work at TSC, she has led the development of supply chain sustainability metrics across the consumer goods industry. Sarah holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Dynamics, a Master of Arts in French, and a Bachelor of Science in Biology and French Secondary Education. 


Aurelie Lecarpentier
Director of 

"Applying Behavioral Science to Promote Sustainable Packaging"

Aurelie is Director, Behavioral Qualitative at PRS IN VIVO in London. She leads international research initiatives, applying behavioral science to guide clients to tangible solutions. Aurelie is an expert in shopper & packaging research and is passionate about consumer behavior related to pack sustainability. Aurelie graduated from King’s College London with an MSc in International marketing, and also holds a Master’s degree in Communications Sciences from Paris-Sorbonne CELSA University. 


Ted Utoft
Vice President of 
BVA Nudge Unit Global

"Nudging Sustainable Shopper & Consumer Behaviors"

Ted Utoft is Vice President of BVA Nudge Unit Global. An education in acting and journalism got him thinking about motivation and what makes people do what they do. That led to writing and editing in China, 12+ years of market research in Asia Pacific and Europe and most recently launching the BVA Nudge Unit London.


Daniel Vennard
Director of Better Buying Lab

"Behavior Change Strategies to Influence Sustainable Eating Habits"

Daniel is director and founder of the Better Buying Lab and Cool Food Pledge at the World Resources Institute. Daniel also oversees the behavioral science practice across the Institute. As director of the Better Buying Lab, Daniel leads a team of experts and scientists who develop, test and scale innovations that help consumers to choose sustainable plant-based food. The Better Buying Lab works in close partnership with leading companies (i.e. Google, Unilever and Sodexo) and academic institutes (i.e. Stanford, Oxford, Yale and Glasgow University). The Better Buying Lab’s work has been featured widely in media throughout the world.